A Legacy of History, Art, and Community
Historic Kemper Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

About Kemper Center

Situated on a picturesque 17.5-acre site overlooking Lake Michigan, Kemper Center is a vibrant cultural and historical complex. Home to the historic Durkee Mansion, Anderson Arts Center, and a variety of other facilities, we provide a sanctuary for the preservation of history and a hub for artistic expression.

What Kemper Center offers:

  • Historic site rentals for weddings, events, and meetings

  • Recreational activities in a scenic setting

  • Youth educational programs and workshops on local history and arts

  • Art exhibitions and cultural events

Our Mission at Kemper Center:

To preserve the historic nature of our site and buildings, offer programs that promote an understanding of local history and arts, and provide a historic setting for cultural, recreational, and educational activities.

Anderson Art Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin

About Anderson Arts Center

Located on the southern grounds of Kemper Center, Anderson Arts Center continues to enrich the community through its dedication to the arts. Set in one of Kenosha’s last grand mansions, it provides a perfect backdrop for the arts.

What Anderson Arts Center offers:

  • Exhibitions featuring local and regional artists

  • Special events like gallery openings and artist receptions

  • Youth art classes and educational workshops

  • A lakefront outdoor venue perfect for both private and community events

Our Mission at Anderson Arts Center:

To increase awareness of the arts and contribute to arts education by hosting performances, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and special events.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Gaschke

Executive Director
(262) 925-8040

Kemper Center Administrator
(262) 925-8040

Anderson Arts Center Administrator
(262) 653-0481

Hospitality Department
(262) 925-8043

Finance Department
(262) 925-8047

Board of Directors


Pat Mott
Kemper Hall Alumnae


Jason Rasch
Rasch Construction & Engineering


Position Currently Vacant


Penny Enroth
Laura Belsky
Jim Kupfer
Frank Sartor
Paula Touhey
Robin Zagra

Kemper Center is a testament to the dedication of our community, volunteers, and supporters who have nurtured this historic landmark for over four decades, making it a cornerstone of cultural and educational life in Kenosha.