Welcome to Kemper &
Anderson Arts Center

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Welcome to Kemper Center, a stunning historical complex set against the backdrop of Lake Michigan. Situated on 17.5 acres of scenic Kenosha County Park, our venue combines the grandeur of the past with the vibrant culture of the present. Explore the heritage preserved within the walls of the Durkee Mansion, observe celestial wonders from our observatory, or engage with contemporary art at Anderson Arts Center. Whether you are planning a visit, a wedding, or seeking an enriching cultural experience, Kemper Center is a place where history, nature, and art converge to create unforgettable moments.

Upcoming Events at Kemper & Anderson Arts Center

Discover, Engage, and Celebrate With Us

Join us for a vibrant array of events at Kemper Center! From art exhibits and historical tours to music sessions and creative camps, there’s something for everyone. Browse our event schedule below to find activities that intrigue and inspire you. Connect with the community and create memorable experiences at one of Kenosha’s premier cultural destinations.