Kady B. Faulkner Building

Added to the Kemper Hall campus in 1957, the Kady B. Faulkner building was built to accommodate the growing bakery business operated by the Sisters of St. Mary.  The Sisters and their helpers, the “Associates”, made and distributed communion wafers all over the world from their small Faulkner bakery.

The most unique feature of the Faulkner building is an outdoor mosaic, designated and constructed by Kady Faulkner, a Kemper Hall art teacher and watercolor artist.  The mosaic was made from items Faulkner found on the Lake Michigan beach and depicts the making of altar bread and wine.

Today, the Faulkner building is used primarily for nonprofit organizations and clubs and by families for private parties, and is home to Kids’ Space, the children’s academic year art school and Summer Art Camp.  It is also used as an ancillary facility for outdoor events taking place on the adjacent Northeast Grounds.

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